Friday, 2 September 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Let's Kill Hitler

Review in a Tweet: The Doctor returns with new revelations about River Song’s past against a Nazi-era backdrop. Great twists, a shape-shifting robot and Hitler cameos! Welcome back.

Best Line: "I'm inside a giant mechanical version of my wife. I'm really trying not to see this as a metaphor." - Rory Williams

Coolest Gadget: Sonic cane!

Tearjerker: the Teselecta transforming into River Song, showing Melody her future self. Penny in the air... penny drops!

Something for the Girls/Kids: Rory tells Hitler to shut up! Yay!

Something for the Fans: Rose! Martha! Donna!

Something for the Film Geeks: Melody calls the Doctor 'Benjamin'. This is a reference to The Graduate.

Episode Highlight: Mel getting shot by Hitler and regenerating into Melody!

Hats Off To Moffat: tying together so many loose ends from previous cliffhangers in one tidy (but exciting) adventure.

Hats Off To The Director: the montage of Amy, Mel and Rory's school days was classic.

Food For Thought: the future Doctor got shot at the start of the series, right? By now most people have assumed it was a Flesh replica of the Doctor. But could it also have been a Teselecta copy?


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