Friday, 29 August 2008

The Difficult Second Album

Sequels are always tricky.

Sometimes they cannibalise their originals and get slated by the critics. Then other times they build on the groundwork laid out in the first installment and become instant classics (see Godfather: Part II, X-Men 2, The Dark Knight).

So with mixed feelings I am beginning this - my second blog.

My first blog was required as part of my previous job, as the elected Vice-President of Democracy & Resources at the Univerity of Birmingham Guild of Students. You can read that blog and learn about the exciting & bizarre world of student politics here:

Since finishing my term of office as VPDR on the 1st of August, I have been rubbish and not blogged at all. Which is a shame because lots of exciting stuff has been happening. I have done the following in the past four weeks:-

  • I started my new job at Nottingham Students' Union as their JCR Development Worker.
  • I bought a car - a blue five-door Vauxhall Corsa.
  • I visited Helen's house in Maidenhead for her Homecoming Party/Liz's 22nd.
  • I rediscovered my PlayStation.
  • I visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and saw fourteen plays in three days!
  • my mate Alex came back from Japan to visit.
  • I had a Sabb reunion with Laura, Naush and Will in Birmingham.
  • and tonight I am going camping for Cahley's birthday.
I was a little worried that this blog would be a lot more boring than my last one. But looking at that list makes me think differently. Plus, this blog isn't work-related so I can say whatever I want!

Ready, steady, blog!