Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My Toilet Legacy

Whilst helping my girlfriend move to Birmingham this weekend, I couldn't resist a trip back to the Guild to inspect the new Guild toilets.
These toilets were the first phase of a three-year building redevelopment which I worked on during my year in office so I was more than a little bit excited about checking them out.

And whoop, they were awesome!

The musty, leaking, broken, graffitti-smeared and smelly toilets of old have now been replaced by chromatic heaven. Highlights include:
  • flawless plasterboard.
  • a lovely new blue colour.
  • energy-efficient lights.
  • dual-flushing toilets.
  • separate urinals.
  • more cubicle space so you don't have to edge around the toilet door when closing it.
  • and most excitingly, a dyson airblade hand drier (see right).
And there are great new additions such as a staff shower, baby-changing facilities and the soon-to-be-finished toilets on the first-floor by Beorma Bar.

When you gotta go, you know where to go!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Go Go Tokyo!

Simon is going to Japan! Oh yes!
I have wanted to go to Tokyo ever since I saw Lost in Translation in 2004 and next February I will be fulfilling this ambition when I fly to Japan to visit my mate Alex.
My flights were finally booked last night and the trip is officially going ahead :)
Despite my exciting and colourful life, I have never actually travelled outside of Europe. This will therefore be the furthest I have ever ventured and will also provide me with one hell of a culture shock.
I am also excited about:

  • temples.
  • sushi.
  • electronic superstores.
  • a heck of a lot of comic book stores.
  • drinking wine from a wooden box.
  • dropping by the hotel from the aforementioned film.
  • and maybe trying my hand at the infamous Japanese karaoke.
Konichiwa Japan!