Saturday, 3 September 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Night Terrors

Review in a Tweet: a lacklustre, low-budget episode compared to last week. Awesomely creepy dolls & Daniel Mays was great but a bit of a slowburner.

Scary Bit: creepy wooden dolls. Everywhere.

Something for the Kids: the Doctor makes George's toys dance. Lovely!

Something for the Fans: the Doctor mentions Jammy Dodgers again. Continuity!

Episode Highlight: the Doctor bouncing theories off a very bewildered Alex (Daniel Mays).

Food for Thought: Daniel Mays was massively wasted here. He would have been an awesome Master to pitch against Matt Smith's Doctor. Then again, he was the villain in Ashes To Ashes so maybe the BBC wouldn't want him as a bad guy in another long-running TV show. Ah well. There's always Jack O'Connell.


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