Sunday, 18 September 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - The God Complex

Review in a Tweet: The plot is mostly an excuse to bring together lots of primal fears but who cares. Creepy, psychological and claustrophobic. Classic Who.

Best Line: "It's times like this I think of my old school motto: resistance is exhausting." - Gibbis (David Walliams)

Something for the Kids: scary gym teacher!

Something for the Fans: the Doctor's room is number 11 because Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor. Also, Amy and Rory's house is Tardis-blue.

Scary Bit: the roomful of chattering ventriloquist dummies slowly silencing and turning to face the Doctor.

Episode Highlight: David Walliams. Brilliant as the cowardly, comical and sinister alien Gibbis.

Tearjerker: the Doctor and Amy part ways before he gets them killed.

Hats off to the Writer: brilliant concept. Like a Doctor Who version of Cube.

Hats off to the Director: great shooting of the hotel. Every camera trick in the book was deployed. Especially loved the overhead shots of the winding staircase.

Food for Thought 1: the Minotaur was great and everything but they could have done better. A concept as creepy as this (with clowns, ventriloquist dummies and even Weeping Angels) deserved a better antagonist than another clumsy, prosthetic, silent grunt of a monster.

Food for Thought 2: I bet we see Gibbis again next season.

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