Sunday, 25 September 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - Closing Time

Review in a Tweet: Craig returns in this just-for-fun standalone episode. The Cybermen attack but the Corden-Smith comic interplay is the real star here.

Best Line: "Of course! It must be shielded against meta-static energy. Don't worry - I have an app for that." - The Doctor (Matt Smith)

Something for the Girls: a cute baby! Yay!

Something for the Kids: Cybermats! I want one for Christmas!

Something for the Fans 1: Cybermats! I've already got one! These were first seen in The Tomb of the Cybermen with the Second Doctor and mark the return of another monster from the pre-revival years.

Something for the Fans 2: the Doctor plays with a toy called "Yappy! The robot dog! Not as much fun as I remember!" Cheeky little reference to K-9.

Scary Bit: Craig (James Corden) getting upgraded into a Cyberman.

Episode Highlight: the reoccuring 'SSSHH!' gag. Try it on your friends.

DW Confidential Highlight: Smith and Corden making their own Who home videos involving a miniturised Dalek attacking baby Alfie's toys. Corden provides the theme tune. Awesome.

WTF: the Cybermen were defeated by love? Really? At least they mocked this a little bit in the episode.

Hats off to the Writer: Gareth Roberts scripts his fourth episode of Doctor Who. The other three were The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn & the Wasp and The Lodger. Roberts is king of the light-hearted standalone episodes.

And the BAFTA goes to: Matt Smith putting baby Alfie to bed and lamenting on how old he feels.

Food for Thought: this episode was a lot of fun but a bit of an odd choice for a penultimate episode. It was also the first time since the revival that a series hasn't ended on a two-parter. This isn't necessarily a problem but it puts a lot of pressure on next week to wrap everything up. Good job Moffat will be scripting.



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