Tuesday, 2 December 2008

They Work For You

Lizzy and Laura have introduced me to an awesome new website called They Work For You, which allows you to search for your MP and basically see how good they are. You can check it out here.

The website give you statistics on how many parliamentary votes they have attended, how they have voted on certain issues, questions they have asked, speeches they have made, receipts they have submitted and, bizarrely, how much alliteration they use.

I'm been checking out my Nottingham MP: Mr Kenneth Clark. He has voted on a mere 54% of parliamentary votes. He voted strongly against the introduction of top-up fees (hooray!) but voted strongly against equal gay rights (boo!).

I have been playing MP Top Trumps with Sean and he is thrashing me. His MP, Mr Sadiq Khan, has voted in 86% of parliamentary votes. Although, he lives in London which is kinda cheating.

Most excitingly, you can opt to receive emails whenever your MP makes a speech in Parliament.

Anyway, check it out. Make sure your MP is pulling their weight!

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