Tuesday, 9 December 2008

All For A Good Claus

This past weekend was the London Santathon that myself, Sean & Mark had signed-up for. We had to run three miles around Greenwich Park dressed like Kris Kringle and Sean went one step further and ran around wearing an inflatable horse/reindeer around his groin.

This was an even bigger challenge than usual because it was freezing and we were hideously hungover from our excursion into Soho the night before.

But we made it so happy days! Myself and Mark clocked in after about 25 minutes and collectively we raised £420.89 (incl. Gift Aid) for Sean's horse charity: The Brooke Hospital for Animals.

Afterwards we hit Weatherspoons as always - same shit, different city - and got back on the pints and meat. Kerrie and Liz participated in a colouring competition face-off and Mark spent £50 on the IT-box.

We then had a boat trip around London. Lovely stuff.

Overall: good standard Carnival reunion.
Next stop: New Year's Eve in Swanage!

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