Saturday, 20 August 2011

856 days...

Yeah, so basically, I haven't touched this blog for 856 days. Mental.

I only really used this blog for two things: inane chatter and film reviews.

Well, I can spout as much nonsensical and egotistical gibberish as I wish on Twitter. More on that here.

And as for film reviews, I satisfied my journalistic urge through the following publications:

Redbrick - the University of Birmingham student newspaper.
Intuition Online - a website created by Bristol students and their extended acquaintances.
Recorded Live - an audio blog conjured by Alex Jacques, former Redbrick film editor.

Check 'em out for two years of Fairbanter filmbanter.

Anyway, I've decided to blow the dust off this old blog and rejoin the blogosphere. This is mostly because I have just returned from the Empire Bigscreen film festival where one editor advised: 'If you don't have an existing online readership, I won't even consider letting you write for Empire magazine.'

It may also be because I missed the sound of my own voice. Who knows?

But whatever. Ready, steady, blog!

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