Sunday, 21 August 2011

The 856 Day Stint

Due to my lack of blogging in the aforementioned 856 day stint, I thought it best to provide a quick catch-up of life, the universe and everything.

In no particular order, this is what's been going down:

I appeared on The Weakest Link. I didn't win.
Hollywood became obsessed with 3D.
I quit Notts SU and rejoined Birmingham University as a Masters student.
David Cameron replaced Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.
Matt Smith replaced David Tennant as Doctor Who.
I spent my Masters year writing for Redbrick, ballroom dancing and volunteering with Kids Adventure.
Avatar topped Titanic as the highest-grossing film ever made.
Apple released the iPhone and iPad.
The final episode of Scrubs aired. It rocked.
The final episode of Lost aired. It sucked.
Laura and I moved to Harborne.
Big Brother moved to Channel 5.
Michael Jackson died due to a complication with prescription meds.
Osama Bin Laden died due to a complication with a US military SWAT team.
I joined KPMG. I quit KPMG.
Will and Kate got married.
Laura and I got engaged.
Chris Moyles broadcast his radio show for a record-breaking 52 consecutive hours.
Glastonbury celebrated its 40th birthday. I was there.
A volcano kicked off in Iceland. I wasn't there.
I started working for Coventry University.

And I think we're all caught up.


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