Thursday, 27 November 2008

Santa Banter!

Sean has recently convinced myself and Mark C Turnbull to join him in doing the London Santa Run on the 7th of December. This involves dressing like Santa Claus and joining 1,000 other people in running 5km across Greenwich Park.

I am hoping that this ridiculous festive gesture will help me rediscover a bit of that ol' Christmas magic.

We have all agreed to raise money for the Brooke Hospital for Animals (mainly because Sean works there). You can visit my fundraising page by clicking here.
And you can learn more about the Brooke Hospital for Animals (healthy working animals for the world's poorest contries) by reading this article.

After running two half-marathons, I am hoping that this run will be easy-sailing. However, no doubt running in a Santa costume will provide its own challenges and introduce whole new levels of chaffing.

Excitingly, we are coinciding this Christmas dash with a Carnival reunion down in London so we will have lots of lovely people cheering us on. Although the plan to go out the night before could prove very detrimental to our performance.

Anyway, ten days till the Santathon!

Santa Claus is coming to town in a big way.

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