Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Flash Gordon

Shock-horror readers: I think I'm becoming a little bit more political.

During my pre-Sabb years, I was the first to say that I found the very notion of politics boring. In fact, my campaign slogan was: "Out with the politics, in with the Fairbanter!"

But I guess my year as a student politician has done me some good because I'm actually starting to care about regional and even national politics. Sort of.

Yesterday, during my lunch hour, I watched Gordon Brown's speech at the National Labour Conference in Manchester.
And I didn't get bored! In fact, it was quite interesting. Especially, the introductory cameo appearance from his wife.

I'm still too cynical and apolitical to actually have an opinion on his speech. But I didn't change the channel either, so at least my interest is heading in the right direction.
Smashing apathy begins at home.

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